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Prostate Focal Therapy Specialist

Mark J. Kelly, MD

Urology located in Santa Monica, CA

Prostate focal therapy gives men with early-stage prostate cancer a low-risk, minimally invasive treatment option. At his practice in Santa Monica, California, board-certified urologist Mark J. Kelly, MD, provides focal therapy to men who once would’ve had to choose between active surveillance and aggressive treatment. Dr. Kelly is one of the only urologists in Greater Los Angeles to administer focal therapy using the state-of-the-art ICEfx™ cryoablation system. To find out more, call the Medical Office of Mark J. Kelly, MD, Inc. or use the online booking tool.

Prostate Focal Therapy Q & A

What’s the purpose of prostate focal therapy?

Prostate focal therapy is a treatment option for men with early-stage prostate cancer. It’s appropriate if your cancer hasn’t spread beyond your prostate gland. Before advances in focal therapy, men with early-stage prostate cancer had two options:

Active surveillance

Active surveillance refers to closely monitoring your condition to determine if treatment is necessary.

Aggressive treatments

Treatments such as radiation and surgery, which carry a high risk of sexual and urinary side effects, are more appropriate for late-stage prostate cancer

Focal therapy describes a group of minimally invasive treatments that target the cancerous cells in your prostate, rather than the entire gland. Unlike radiation and surgery, these treatments don’t affect the function of your prostate.

You may feel uncomfortable with the idea of waiting for your prostate cancer to get worse before electing to undergo treatment. In these situations, focal therapy offers an effective, low-risk option for removing your tumors. Further, if it later becomes necessary, you can safely receive repeat focal therapy, or elect to undergo radiation or surgery.

How does prostate focal therapy work?

Focal therapy involves ablation, the use of either extreme hot or extreme cold to destroy tumors. During focal therapy, Dr. Kelly precisely directs energy to the area of your prostate with the highest concentration of cancerous tissue. This destroys the cancer cells without affecting the surrounding area.

Dr. Kelly is among the few doctors in Greater Los Angeles to offer the ICEfx™ cryoablation system. This state-of-the-art treatment system uses cold gas to freeze and destroy tumors. Cryoablation is minimally invasive, causes minimal or no pain, and often requires only one treatment session.

Who is a good candidate for prostate focal therapy?

Dr. Kelly determines if you’re an appropriate candidate for focal therapy by performing a fusion-guided biopsy. He uses a combination of magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound imaging to pinpoint the largest tumor in your prostate. The biopsy allows him to determine the stage of your cancer and how quickly it’s progressing.

If the biopsy reveals that you have early-stage prostate cancer that’s unlikely to spread to other parts of your body, Dr. Kelly may recommend focal therapy. Before performing focal therapy, he considers factors such as your age and other health concerns.

To learn more about prostate focal therapy, call the Medical Office of Mark J. Kelly, MD, Inc. or use the online booking tool today.